Results of our work in China in 2015.

Developing partnership with the APEC countries is a priority of the foreign economic policy of the Russian Federation. China is among the countries Russia would want to cooperate with in different spheres of business. Chinese positive results of economic growth make this country very attractive for the international partners.

Therefore, in 2015 "Millennium Institute" company co-established BEIJING YELLOW SUN SOFTWARE LIMITED in Beijing to promote its 1C product in the People’s Republic of China. Understanding the prospects of the market, "Millennium Institute" had translated its software into Chinese a year before that.

The company focuses on promoting the 1C product on the Chinese market. Over the last six months, the company has participated in multiple conferences and exhibitions, dedicated to the development of the software market.

April of 2015. The Russian-Chinese forum-2015. "Great opportunities for small and medium business". The Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation was one of the organizers of the forum. Representatives of 70 companies had an opportunity to work in a “b2b” format. They could discuss the investment potential of the two countries, the prospects of the state co-financing programs, and other issues connected with the entrepreneurial activity.

May of 2015. Meetings with the delegation from Jiangsu County. The delegation came to Tomsk region to discuss prospects of business. Cooperation agreement between the Jiangsu Center for Transferring International Technologies and the Corporation of Development of Tomsk Region was signed. The latter opened its branch in Jiangsu in March 2015. It is aimed at establishing a partnership between Tomsk and Chinese business structures.

June of 2015. The Main Industrial Trade Fair in Ekaterinburg. 1C Company became one of 600 participators of the event, which was considered the major Russian exhibition in the sphere of manufacture. The opening report from Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Ministry of the RF, proved a high status of the event. 1C Company presented a line of its software products. Dmitry Svalov, Director of BEIJING YELLOW SUN SOFTWARE LIMITED, showed a localized variant of the program in Chinese.

July of 2015. The Joint Forum of Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Baotou. The event was dedicated to developing a three-party platform for cooperation. The delegation of the representatives of the Chambers of Commerce of the Far East, Eastern Siberia, Khakassia, and Buryatia was headed by Vladimir Strashko, Vice-President of the Russian Camber of Commerce.

October of 2015. Russian-Chinese Expo in Harbin. This platform provided with the opportunities to show products and developments of Russian companies to the Chinese audience.

BEIJING YELLOW SUN SOFTWARE LIMITED company presented its product – 1C software localized in Chinese – in each event mentioned above. In general, the Chinese target audience showed a great interest in the product. Many participants were acquainted with it. But there were some new potential clients, including two Russian and two Chinese companies. At the moment, they are testing the software.

The software from BEIJING YELLOW SUN SOFTWARE LIMITED interested several commerce and logistic companies and firms that open their branched in Russia.

It is good to know that Russian-speaking executives from the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States see a great potential in the 1C platform. They believe that the software will help them to successfully develop their business in China.













Visiting China in 2014

On April 12, 2014, the  representatives attended «China Information Technology Expo 2014» exhibition in Shenzhen, China. The purpose was to get to know and to analyze Chinese software and business-processes automation market.

An important acquaintance took place during the exhibition: “Millennium Institute” found new potential partners which are Chinese companies “YouYou” and “Tencent”. They have been on the market with their products – business-processes automation and software – for a long time and appear to be the strongest businesses in the field.

The exhibition was conducted on large premises which amazed participants and quests. Its level met the highest international requirements.

On April 15, 2014, the “Millennium Institute” specialists participated in another exhibition, «China Import and Export Fair», held in Guangzhou, China. The company presented its major products and services: business- processes automation and software (“1C” application with Chinese interface).

It is important to admit that particularly collaboration with “APR Group” (Moscow- Guangzhou) made it possible for “Millennium Institute” to exploit its software and IT-services on Chinese market. “APR Group” is planning on developing a network of dealers for selling “1C” software with official localization into Chinese language, accomplished by the “Millennium Institute” specialists, by the end of 2014.

Russian companies have already had an experience of translating “1C” Enterprise 8” into Chinese, but have not achieved positive results yet. At the same time, the demand for automation software on Chinese market is growing, and Russian-Chinese relationships have just started developing.

The representatives of Chinese companies showed great deal of interest in “Enterprise Managing” and “Business Administration” applications. Of course, Chinese users need time to master “1C” application. That is why “Millennium Institute” company and “APR Group”, which have many years of experience in the field, are planning on using training courses in Chinese, developed for this particular purpose , as well as specific technological methods and solutions.

There were several Russian companies which came to China to conduct their businesses. “Millennium Institute” signed several contracts for its services.

The core idea in localization of “1C” into Chinese is establishing mutual understanding between Russian and Chinese organizations and developing complex automation of their activities.