Advantages of 1C: ERP

1. Product Adjustment to the Russian Market

It turns out that the programs of 1C:Enterprise family owes nearly all of the Russian market of management and financial accounting. It concerns all the spheres of organization activity: sales department uses them to issue invoices, print delivery documents and bills; logisticians keep inventory books; accountants compute taxes; human resources specialists keep personal records.

 In fact, the experience of working with 1C has become a skill demanded when applying for an office job. This circumstance must be considered because it influences time and efforts put into the staff training and their interface habit. On the other hand, it helps to embed EPR and makes all the processes faster.  

2. Low Price of 1C:EPR Product and its Operation

The price was a key feature which made our clients with low budgets chose EPR. It is worth mentioning that wide dissemination of 1C products led to developing a whole market of service and support. The most of the users can operate 1C, that is why the price policy of 1C:EPR operation is rather flexible. It allows our clients to chose between service providers and  personnel.   

3. High Level of Reliability of 1C:EPR

There is a prejudice towards the 1C as the products with a low level of reliability. It is partially true due to the fact that wide dissemination of 1C products resulted very low barrier of entry to the programmer profession. It led to the situation when the services offered to the customers are far from being of high quality due to the lack of necessary experience in realizing projects. In reality, if the system of 1C:EPR is implemented and maintained properly in the first place, the level of its reliability is identical to the western alternatives.


1C: EPR system is a state-of-the-art, low cost Russian EPR system with a high level of reliability in case of its appropriate and qualified support.