Business applications

Areas of application

Business applications created by 1C Company and its partners on the base of 1C:Enterprise platform cover many business areas. In very general view, all business applications can by divided into two big groups: produced by 1C company and those produced by the Companys partners.

There are four standard boxed business applications produced and supplied by 1C Company:

  • 1C:Enterprise 8. Trade management
  •  1C:Enterprise 8. Payroll & HR Management
  •  1C:Enterprise 8. Enterprise Accounting (also called 1C:Accounting 8)
  •  1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management
Areas of use of standard business applications

General functional composition and correspondence between standard applications

A distinguishing feature of boxed business applications made by 1C is their functional compositions being thoroughly worked out. Standard solutions contain only those functions which are really required for a significant part of enterprises. This allows making them rather compact and easy-to-use, providing direct correspondence between legal system and business specific and the solutions, also to maintain and develop them further. Besides, this makes possible for them to be used by the Company's partners when developing their own business applications.

These four applied solutions are described in details in the following sections.

Vertical applied solutions are created by 1C Company's partners for automation of some branches or fields of activities of various enterprises.

Presence of the single unified platform and common development methodology allows developing such solutions using boxed solutions from 1C as a basis, adding only required components aimed to a particular branch or an enterprise specificity. This provides quick development and introduction of business applications due to using proven functionality implemented in the boxed applied solutions; this also reduces costs of vertical solutions the costs are significantly lower in comparison to development of a business application from scratch.

Examples of vertical solutions on the base of 1C:Enterprise platform

Examples of vertical applied solutions