1C:Accounting 8

The 1C:Accounting software series has been the most popular 1C product for more than ten years now, and has became an industrial standard of business accounting systems in Russia. The new version 1C:Accounting 8 includes all the best features from its predecessors.

1C:Accounting 8 application is a composition of 1C:Enterprise 8 platform and Enterprise Accounting applied solution. It provides high level of business accounting and tax accounting automation and generation of regular reports, including compulsory (regulated) reporting.

It's intended for companies and organizations with various kinds of activities and can be used in wholesale and retail trade, commission business (including sub-commission), rendering of services, manufacturing, etc.

The solution completely supports actual legislation.

It supports running accounting for several companies (entities) within one information base. The companies can use shared catalogs of goods, expense items, contractors, etc.

Users can adjust accounting procedures, using accounting policy settings, create new sub-accounts and analytical accounting views.

1C:Accounting provides solutions for all tasks of an accounts office, such as writing out sources documents, sales accounting, etc. Besides, data on some activities, trade and production operations can be entered by employees from other (neighboring) enterprise departments, not being accountants. In this case accountants are only responsible for methodical management and information base settings for proper writing documents in business and tax accounting.

The main way to reflect business transactions in the accounting is entering documents corresponding to sources (basic) documents of business accounting. Additionally, direct enter of some posting operations is allowed. Typical operations can be used for group posting operations – it's an easy automation tool, easily customized by a user.

The application includes integrated warehouse accounting features, for quantitative (physical) or monetary-quantitative (combined) accounting. Warehouse accounting can be disabled, if not required.

Purchases and sales operations are automated. When items are being sold, pay slips and invoices are written out. For imported items it includes country of origin and customs declaration ID. The application supports several types of prices, such as 'wholesale price', 'small-scale wholesale price', 'retail price', 'purchasing price', etc.

It also includes commission business automation means for both items received for commission and for those transferred for further sales.

General scheme

1C:Accounting 8 application diagram

The application provides cash and non-cash transfer accounting. Operations of settlements with suppliers, customers and advance holders are automated and several currencies are supported. Basing on cash documents a cash-book is generated.

Integration with bank client software is supported.

Settlements with contractors can be run in currency, conventional units or foreign currency. Rates differences are automatically calculated. Settlements can be done by every payment document or by an agreement as a whole. This is specified individually for a particular contractor, or for all contractors.

It provides production costs calculation for production and services offered by main and auxiliary production, also indirect costs accounting.

The application allows running payroll, HR and personalized accounting. It performs automated payroll calculation according to pay rates, with calculation proper taxes and fees, taking into account all features of a particular enterprise. Regulated reporting is generated automatically and information on individuals can be exported for presenting to supervising authorities.

Regulated monthly operations are automated, such as currency re-estimation, writing off costs of succeeding periods, determination of financial results and others.

Reporting system includes standard accounting reports and provides regulated reporting for business accounting, taxation, statistics, for individuals, and reporting to be provided to various funds.

Thanks to the possibility to hold several business entities' activity within one information base 1C:Accounting 8 can be used in small companies (SOHO), as well as in holdings with complex organization structure.

The application can also be used in integration with other 1C business applications – Trade Management and Payroll&HR Management. In this case 1C:Accounting application is used only for business and tax accounting tasks.

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