1C: Trade

1C: Trade

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" provides accounting, planning, and sales data analysis, improving a company's management efficiency.

1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management"
  • Improves efficiency of all company services
  • Work with real time information
  • Includes a fast and flexible report system for different levels of company management

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" includes special report for top management, which includes

  • Cash balance and turnovers
  • Payables and receivables
  • Stock statement
  • Inbound and outbound payments schedule
  • Cost of goods in stock
  • Sales personnel efficiency
  • Marketing campaigns efficiency

This report may be setup to run automatically and be sent by email permitting company management to receive actual information and make decisions wherever they are.

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" helps to manage

  • Goods turnover and prices
  • Sales order management
  • Stock balance optimization
  • Turnover analysis
  • Purchases and deliveries planning

"1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management" is a powerful tool, which handles routine processes and enables managers to focus on business development.

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