Complex automation of business and consulting services

  Millennium Institute company provides complex automation of business and consulting services.

 The services in financial and management consulting are provided by qualified experts. The experience gleaned from realizing complex projects on adoption information systems allowed to accumulate a unique knowledge data base for productive and quality consulting in the spheres of finances, corporate management, and business process optimization.

 The company provides complex automation of business – implementation of systems which allow to keep management, current, and business accounting. They are based on the common information space. Nowadays, complex and computerized system of management based on 1C:ERP is one of the most important components for successful development of business. 

Those components are:

    1. Unity of information and management technologies.
    2. Correspondence of control systems and advanced planning.
    3. Effective cost management.
    4. Effective inventory control, using finances at the desoisal.